The Sacred Breath of Rebirth - Welcome Children of the Light
Below you will find our current schedule for:
   Sacred Breath Journey                 The Teachings of Sacred Breath
    Preparation for Sacred Breath       Prepare for Ceremony
   Sacred Ceremony Day                  Sacred Ceremony to honor your
   Assisting your Journey                    Open house the first Saturday of
                                                     each month.  20 minute session
                                                     to assist you on your journey    
   Facilitators Training                     Become a facilitator of the 
                                                     Sacred Breath teachings
                                                     and ceremony
   Theta Healing Training                 Theta Healing is a requirement to
                                                    become a facilitator of Sacred Breath
(Select Event you are interested in and you will be linked to the registration page. Please include date of the event you are signing up for in comments.)

The Sacred Breath Journey
     June 26 - 28
     Midway Utah

How would you like to spend a weekend in beautiful Midway connecting to the Divine and learning about your Sacred truth? To reconnect with your soul family. We will be holding a beautiful get a way and re-connection of your spirit and soul June 26th to June 28th. You must register for your space no later than June 15th. Cost of this amazing retreat will be $90.00 plus an item of food to share for the weekend. This price does include your lodging. Once you are registered we will be sending you all the detailed information. There will also be available Saturday night, Individual Sacred Ceremony. If you feel that you will be interested in this please let us know, this will be an additional charge. For questions please call 801-548-5482/435-833-0513

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