The Sacred Breath of Rebirth - Welcome Children of the Light
What is the Sacred Breath?
What is the process.....
Sacred Breath Journey
These are the teachings of the Sacred Breath. Sacred Breath is not a moment to experience, but a way of life. Each step along the journey strengthens your energy level and the vibration you can hold. Allowing yourself ease and grace to become your true self. Along with the teachings are more Sacred Ceremony processes, all remembered to assist you on your journey. The teachings and ceremonies are again facilitated by our expert team of facilitators.  See event schedule for pricing. 
Introduction to The Sacred Breath Class
These are four hour classes that teach what the Sacred Breath is, how you prepare for ceremony, and what to expect during your ceremony.  You will be given a certificate of class completion, which is your pass for the ceremony.  You may schedule a private one on one ceremony, or participate in the energy of a Ceremony Day.  The exhange for the Inrto class is $45.00.
Ceremony Day
This is a day where our facilitators gather to assist you in your Sacred Breath Ceremony.  There is an amazing amount of energy present that raises everyone's vibration.  Truly a day of celebration.  The exchange for Sacred Breath Ceremony is based on your preceived value.
One On One Ceremony
The Sacred Breath Ceremony provided by one of our facilitators, done at your convenience.   You may schedule an appointment with any of our listed facilitators.  The exchange for Sacred Breath Ceremony is based on your preceived value.
Join our amazing team to share the teachings of Sacred Breath.
This inclueds the teachings and ceremony processes.
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