The Sacred Breath of Rebirth - Welcome Children of the Light
The Sacred Breath of Rebirth
Through a 240,000 year paradigm we have experienced separation, judgment, hatred, and worthlessness, these energies or memories have shattered our soul and left our emotional body battered and bruised. Our cells in our physical then take those memories and experiences and make them a reality in our physical.  But our Spirit, Our Authentic Self, through all of this is always just a breath away watching in detachment of the outcome or human perception, staying in a state of wholeness.  Connecting to you through a golden cord that connects you to everything you have been everything you are and everything you will become...
Our Spirit stands in its perfection of 100% LIGHT.  As we have began to awaken and remember, we have labeled our evolution as ascension, but what is Ascension truly?  Our Ascension is the moment when we can remove the veils of illusion truly heal on a level which will in turn activate our Crystalline DNA and our Physical Soul will raise its vibration to meet and blend to the frequency of our Spirit and we become once again the Ascended Beings we were Created to be.  We become One once again. I AM THAT, I AM...
Through Creators Love for us, we have been assisted in remembering this process.  It is a journey called The Sacred Breath of Rebirth.  In this journey you will remember these truths.  You will learn and practice how to move beyond the illusion that our five senses have created.  You will practice the sacredness of preparing and allowing sacred ceremony.   You will be given the tools that assist in this creation of a new belief system.
 It is your birth right to be the walking breathing living light on this earth.  This journey will assist with your emotional body, your soul body, and your physical body to complete in this process of becoming one again with your Spirit while still in your physical.  As this happens your frequency begins to raise so that you can once again be the vessel to bring Heaven on Earth.  We honor this journey and awakening through us, in remembering.  We were gifted in working with three Divine Beings as the foundation.  Mother Mary, Christ and Archangel Michael.
We invite you to join us in this vibrational journey, as it is the only way to share this sacred energy.
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